If I Was 30 Years Old

In this blog post I will be talking about how I will live if I was 30. It was kind of weird because I am only 12 years old. So here I go I hope you like it.

I live in a nice house in Columbus,Ohio with my wife and 3 kids. I just moved in and I am excited to make our house the way we want it. I own a landscape company called earth grade, I have about 10 scattered all across America. It took me around 5 years of collage and a lot of money to just get one of them. I drive a Cadillac that is white with pure gold rims.

That is what I think my life will be when I am 30 years old. hope you like this blog post stayed for more.

My Role In Class

Today I am going to write a blog post about what is my rule in my class. In the quote below is what I am going to talk about.
It is pretty hard to think of what role I am. My roles are sort of to make people laugh person and sort of a helper with people that needs it. I am going to give you examples of what I mean.


I am a make people laugh person because When i find or hear a funny joke. Then I tell other people and they keep the joke going. I help people by asking them if they need help or if the teacher asks me to help. An example of me helping is when Austin needed help with his slideshow.

That is all for this blog post. Stay tuned for more. keep being you.

Opportunity not obligation!

I was asked to do a blog post about opportunity and obligation. I am going to do as if i could do anything, be anyone, live my life the way I want to live it.

If I could do anything I would achieve the two most realistic goals which is be in the Hall of Fame and join the NCAA. Geting  into the Hall of Fame I would first need to become an all star then I would need to play amazing. So that is going to be a lot of practice.

That is all for this blog post stay tuned for more. If you need a little bit of a motivational kick watch this video.



I am reading a book called  Fallout by Todd Strasser. The tone in my book is scary.It is scary for a lot of reasons.

The first reason is that there mother fell of the ladder of there bunker and cracked her skull and started bleeding. The second reason a bomb blew up the surface of the earth. The third and last reason is that a lot of people is in the bunker and there is not enough food four them to survive the attack.

That is the end of this blog post. I hope you liked it. Stay tuned for more

Letter To My Dad

Dear Dad,

Dad we have had a lot of memories together.  Like when we went to Myrtle Beach and you gave me poison oak.  when we went down in tubes on the Mohican.

When we went to Myrtle Beach and mom told us to take a picture together and you grabbed me then you gave me poison oak. when we went boogie boarding and I got sucked out and and when we went wave surfing . Then we went down the Mohican and I got pink eye and we drowned each other.

Thanks for everything Dad

Your son,

If I Was The Main Character Of My Book

Dear Mr. Mcguire
My book author is S.H Hintson and the story takes place in Chicago the main character of my book is Ponyboy, he is bad, a little bit brave and a little bit cowardly.He is a greaser. Ponyboy committed a lot of crimes,his last crime was an accomplice to murder.

Ponyboy, and Johnny had to jump onto a train.They went to an abandoned church to stay for a few days. It is about two miles away from the closest town.

Ponyboy is like to me because when I am out of school I get in trouble a lot. Ponyboy is also like to me because I have the same type of friends that Ponyboy has.He is also alike to me because we both ok in school .

We are different because I am twelve and Ponyboy is fourteen. Ponyboy and I are also different because I have a big family and he has Johnny, Soda Pop, and Darry. The last way we are different is we live in two opposite cites and states.

It was a mystery, action,and thriller. I really like this book I hope you get to read it. this is the end of my letter hope you enjoy.


success is my number on goal

success is my number one goal
success should be everyone’s goal
you need success to get threw life
you use success to get a good job
you need success to pass the test
you will need success to get threw high school
success is on my mind all of the time